Cost Segregation Studies

Expert analysis leads to increased cash flow.

A cost segregation study provides an in-depth, engineering-based analysis of the costs associated with the acquisition, construction or renovation of a building. You can perform a cost segregation study on a new building or on an older building that has been renovated.

A properly done study results in additional depreciation deductions and can help you to:

  • Accelerate depreciation
  • Increase current tax deductions
  • Defer income tax
  • Increase cash flow

Even if you purchased, constructed or expanded the building in a prior year, a cost segregation study and a simple change in accounting method can allow you to claim the depreciation deductions of prior years without having to amend prior-year tax returns.

The Wipfli team has the right combination of engineering skills, construction knowledge and income tax specialization to deliver an independent, third-party report that maximizes depreciation benefits and provides fully documented support in case of an IRS audit.

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