Functional and Space Program Design

Ensuring your new facilities are well-sized and operate efficiently.

Upon completion of a master site and facility plan, the next step is to complete a detailed functional and space program design, which is used by architects to design your new facilities. Our functional and space program report contains a description of the major functions listed below and includes a thorough description of services provided, staffing and workload analyses, and important inter- and intra-departmental requirements and adjacencies.

Some of the key elements of our functional and space program include:

  • Description of department We outline the key services to be provided by each department. These services impact the facility requirements of the department.
  • Current and projected service volumes We analyze historical volume trends and project future volumes. These volumes are translated into modalities (i.e., operating rooms, exam rooms, etc.), which impact the appropriate “sizing” of each department/function. In other words, we translate projections and volumes into space requirements.
  • Staffing – We identify staff requirements and translate full-time employees (FTEs) into required workspace.
  • Major operational concepts We describe key factors for consideration that impact design. These are based on vision and guiding principles developed from the strategic planning effort as well as ideal patient and family experience expectations, the prevailing patient care model, resource sharing, and other optimal operational concepts. Key logistical processes and patient flow concepts, as needed, are provided as well.

The report that we will provide is compiled by an interdisciplinary team of professionals in health care consulting who thoroughly understand how every aspect of facility planning can have a tremendous impact on capital needs and future revenue potential.

It may be a good idea to add a new hospital wing or build a new outpatient facility, but do you have sound financial numbers and detailed facility plans to support that idea? We can help. Contact us to share your questions and concerns. We can tell you how we've helped similar health care organizations and how we can help you.

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