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Action UI Is Great — But Where Did Everything Move?

Apr 17, 2019

Change is inevitable, and Sage Intacct’s decision to introduce the Action UI was welcomed by many as a way to make the application more user friendly; make necessary features, screens, and modules easier to access; and make the process of attaching a document, communicating with the platform and completing tasks easier than ever. 

Many users have celebrated the new UI — the favorites menu, improved workflows and better usage from dashboards — but any time things get moved around or renamed, many are left asking, “What happened?” Especially with the latest update requiring Action UI in order to use certain functionality such as the new bank reconciliations, it’s likely that if you haven’t made the move to Action UI, the change will happen shortly. 

Where Did Everything Go?

In a recent article on the Sage Intacct documentation, the developers looked to answer this exact question, discussing what has moved, what has changed and how to find it.

The Help Menu — Now Help and Support

One of the first things you may notice is that the help menu, while still on the top right of every page, has been changed to Help and Support. This makes the button more visible and will make finding the right answer easier.

Action UI Is Great — But Where Did Everything Move?

Navigation: Big Change, More Control

While this may be one of the biggest changes added to Action UI, it also gives users more control over navigation. Moving application access from the top bar to the left side, you now can drag and drop applications to gain easier access to anything you need. Added to this the Global Favorites menu, and you have even more access to the products you need at the click of a button.

Action UI Is Great — But Where Did Everything Move?

Application Menus: Day-to-Day Tasks at Your Fingertips

With the move to Action UI, moving applications from the top to the left was one thing, but added to this, when you click an application, menu options appear in a pane to the rightthat separates every-day type tasks and setup tasks into two tabs.

Action UI Is Great — But Where Did Everything Move?

Report Center Access: Access Your Favorites

Reporting has always been a strong feature in Sage Intacct, and with the Action UI, reports are now easier to access. In Action UI, Sage Intacct added a whole new reports menu that enables access to Reports Center, all the building blocks needed for creating reports, and added the entire list of dimensions to the setup tab in this new menu.

Action UI Is Great — But Where Did Everything Move?

A Different Structure for the Company Menu

Company menu activities often impact your entire organization, so the Company menu is a bit different in structure from the application menus. The menu tabs for the Company menu are Setup and Admin.

  • The Setup tab provides access to activities such as importing data or setting up contacts.
  • The Admin tab provides access to activities such as subscribing to applications or setting up users, activities typically accomplished by an admin user.
More Information From Sage Intacct

Looking for something else? Many other things have been changed, renamed or moved in the Action UI Menu, and the documentation explores where all of this went

We also have a helpful table to lay out the changes:


Menu item

Renamed to

Moved to


Accounts Receivable

Revenue schedules management

Manage revenue schedules



Account Payable

Wells Fargo Payment Manage

Wells Fargo PMGR











  • Action log
  • Audit log
  • Avatax log
  • Email delivery log
  • Access log
  • Action report
  • Audit event report
  • AvaTax history
  • Email delivery history
  • User access report





General Ledger


Company Info

Company configuration



Company Setup Checklist

Import data



Cover Letters




Custom Views


If custom views are created, they appear in their associated application menus




Cross-company dimensions: Locations, Departments, Classes, Employees and UDDs can be accessed in Company. All dimensions can be accessed from theReports menu. Specific dimensions can be accessed from owning application menus.


Dimension groups




Earning Types




Out of Office




Report Groups




Reporting Periods




System Reporting Periods






Accounts Receivable



Manage revenue & Expense schedules

Manage schedules




Custom documents

Printed doc templates



General Ledger

Deferred Revenue Details



Can be accessed in OE

Deferred Revenue Forecast



Can be accessed in OE

Deferred Revenue Forecast Graph



Can be accessed in OE

Deferred Revenue Forecast Revaluation



Can be accessed in OE

Inventory Control

Recurring Transactions



Can be accessed in OE



Install application




Resource schedule management

Resource capacity



Manage timesheets

Timesheet inquiry



Reports Center




Can be accessed from Reports

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