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How We Moved Beyond the Print-Management Status Quo and Eliminated Print Servers

Jan 15, 2019

By Michael Voegtline

As a CPA and consulting firm, Wipfli prints millions of pages each year. This, you can imagine, traditionally required a lot of time and effort from our support teams. Every Wipfli location needed its own print server, which meant deploying, maintaining, monitoring and upgrading — and our robust M&A strategy meant we already had over 40 print servers when we began to consider changing how we managed printing.

The solution was PrinterLogic, which both eliminated our need for print servers and gave us an enterprise-class printing solution that would scale indefinitely yet retain a small infrastructural footprint. How did PrinterLogic eliminate print servers and greatly reduce our print-management costs? Read more in our guest blog on PrinterLogic.com.

PrinterLogic has been such a beneficial solution to our firm that our technology consulting group decided to include PrinterLogic’s PrinterCloud solution as an offering to our clients that also want to pare down their physical infrastructure and move toward an Azure-hosted, cloud-based environment. If you’d like to learn more about this solution, contact Wipfli.


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