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The HMDA Treadmill

Feb 02, 2017
By: Melissa D. Blaser

The New Year for 2016 has come and gone. We’re far enough into January that those well-intended resolutions about getting more exercise and avoiding junk food might have been pushed to the back burner. We all want to do things right, but given our schedules and juggling of multiple priorities it’s easier said than done. Plus, for many who consider the treadmill as their go-to equipment for working out, let’s face it: A basic treadmill workout might be downright boring.
However, that boring workout can be switched up with some apps that offer options (video and audio) for virtual treks, exploring everywhere from Central Park to the Grand Canyon, mountain and beach paths, and even the Taj Mahal. With a couple of clicks on a mobile device, the workout has a better feel to it. There are still no shortcuts to actually doing the work, but this type of app can be considered a tool to help stick to those resolutions for better health. And better health will lead to fewer unwanted surprises down the road.
Since I spend many days on site with clients, I observe firsthand a wide array of institutions and great staff members who are charged with achieving and maintaining compliance. Compliance may seem like a treadmill workout; it’s often repetitive and somewhat tedious, enjoyed by some but, in all honesty, probably not the majority.
It’s HMDA season in the world of compliance, and many bankers are on the treadmill of preparing their HMDA LARs for submission. After some years on the backburner, HMDA (with changes coming soon because of Dodd-Frank) is headed back into the spotlight. Diagnosing the Fair Lending Health of Your HMDA-LAR, an article I recently wrote, provides useful information about taking your HMDA LAR off the “treadmill” and performing some tests to reduce the risk of unwanted surprises down the road. To read this article about HMDA LAR health, click here. Please feel free to contact Wipfli for assistance.


Melissa D. Blaser, CPA, CRCM, CAMS, CFSA, CFIRS
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