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Over 200 Channels, but There Is Nothing I Want to Watch . . .

May 18, 2016
Financial Institutions

Now that tax season is done, I have more time to watch TV, but there seems to be nothing I want to watch. I’m pretty sure I have watched all the “Law & Order” episodes and classy reality shows. With access to over 200 channels, you would think there would be something new I would want to watch. Nope!

As I quickly browsed the guide looking at the 15 channels that normally pique my interest, nothing looked interesting that I had not already watched. But then, deciding to be adventurous, I looked at the remaining 185 channels and stumbled upon some new DIY shows. Hooray!

Many times, year-end planning can become a rerun of previous years as the same topics are repeatedly discussed. Your tax planning meetings should add value to your company, customers, or shareholders through tax savings or potential tax credits. Tax planning should not be just a year-end appointment; rather, tax planning should be an ongoing discussion that happens year round.

Does your company have the ability to purchase qualified zone academy bonds, qualified school construction bonds, or Build America bonds? Are you interested in merging with or acquiring another institution?  Are you considering an investment in tax-exempt securities or life insurance policies? These may all be regular topics of conversation in your company about ways to grow your bottom line. By including your trusted tax planner, you can be informed of the tax effect of each decision.  

During year-end planning or any time you believe a law, tax, or regulatory change might affect your company, customers, or shareholders, please start the conversation with your trusted Wipfli associate. If you are not sure who the firm expert is on your specific question, reach out to any associate, or contact, and you will be directed to the right person.

FYI, Pinterest and the show “Rehab Addict” on HGTV are a dangerous combination this summer!

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