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Customer Digital Experience

Aug 23, 2017
Financial Institutions

I recently came across a mobile app, “Sweatcoin,” which gives you digital money for the steps you walk or run. You can use the digital money, Sweatcoin, to shop for things online using the same app! Lovely, I thought—earn money for sweating it out while walking or running! As I thought more about this, it occurred to me how the “digital experience” is becoming part of every aspect of our lives. Banking and financial services are no different—customers are now demanding more digital experiences from their service providers.

Two areas that could be improved for banking customers during their digital experiences are account opening and customer service. By deploying an innovative set of digital authentication tools, forward-looking institutions stand to reduce attrition while driving up customer satisfaction when digitally opening accounts. Customer service still needs to have human interaction, but technology is fast developing in this area too! To learn more on this topic, read my recent article, Customer Digital Experience: There is more to catch up!

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