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Let's be Different

Jan 24, 2018
Financial Institutions

Everyone always wants to start the New Year with new resolutions! For most of us, these resolutions probably include something related to weight loss, eating healthier, exercising more, etc. This year, I want us to not lose sight of those things because they are important to being successful in all aspects of our life. But I want to advocate setting resolutions of a different nature this year!

They number only three, but I think if all of us could aspire to these three simple resolutions, we could have a year like no other in 2018!

The first centers around giving. Make a resolution to give as much as you can of your time, your talent, and your wealth. Too often we get so wrapped up in our own deadlines, priorities, and self, it is hard to see those in need around us. I think if we take the time to stop and share these treasures, we will actually perform better, be happier, and make those around us happier.

The second resolution is to find a way to grow every day. Grow by enriching your knowledge, your experiences, and any other aspect of your life. The old saying is that if you are not growing, you are dying!

And the last is to remember to be grateful in life—grateful for health, a wonderful family, friends, a job, food, a home. My husband and son are funeral directors, and they have the privilege of being reminded every day how important it is to be grateful for the day you have been given because it could all change tomorrow. So take the time to acknowledge all you have been blessed with and thank those who have helped make your happiness possible.

I hope you all have a great 2018, and thank you for choosing Wipfli! We are so grateful for your trust, friendship, and business. We promise to do our best today and every day to exceed your expectations.

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