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Consulting and Making Tough Choices

Jan 16, 2020
By: Tracy Bush
Financial Institutions

We all have tough choices to make as we go through life. My son is graduating in May and recently selected which college to attend for the next four years (okay, I’m a realist — maybe five years). He spent his time preparing for the application process by studying hard, being an active member of student council and National Honor Society, volunteering in the community, participating in the sailing club and working at a restaurant. This led him to the point where he was able to meet the qualifications at just about any university across the country.  

He had too many options and did not know where to begin. In stepped his parent – someone who has been there and done that -- to consult and advise him along the way and provide focus on determining what matters most to him. Did he want a school with an excellent ROTC program or an excellent engineering program? Or is there a school that ranks high in both of these areas? Did the condition of the dorms and the eating facilities matter, and if so, was class size and one-on-one assistance more important? After obtaining the answers to these questions and many more, he made the decision to attend St. Thomas University in Minnesota and was accepted into the Air Force ROTC program. 

Consulting and advising is an important part of life, both for personal and professional growth. We are here to assist you, whether for a special project, for interim support or as an extension of your team for a longer term. Contact us to learn more about our consulting services and how we can help you with profit improvement initiatives, maintaining an effective compliance management system or Bank Secrecy Act program or enhancing your strategic planning efforts. Let us help you make those tough (and not-so-tough) choices.


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Senior Manager
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