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Getting back into the office

May 25, 2021
Financial Institutions

It’s been over a year since COVID-19 sent so many people home. Branches were closed, hours were reduced, staff had to figure out how to work remotely and IT had to figure out how to get them working remotely. We adapted.

Then branches reopened, staff came in, the next wave hit, branches closed, staff went home — rinse and repeat.

I wrote about those challenges months ago when we were all in the middle of the storm and wondering when it was going to end. Now those clouds are lifting. Vaccinations are on the rise, and people are getting more comfortable coming back into the office. People want to be around people again. Well, most people anyway. 

As you’re bringing your teams back to the office, how are you ensuring their safety? Most of the clients I work with have installed additional barriers between desks, provided plastic shields at the teller line and restricted breakroom facilities. People are doing what they can to keep people safe while they do their jobs effectively from the office.

At some point, though, you likely realized that you have people in your organization who work better from home, and it makes sense for them to stay there. There are certainly people in your organization who would welcome the opportunity, for a number of reasons, and there are likely cost savings associated with staff staying home rather than coming in.

The new work environment is clearly going to be a hybrid work model. Sometimes people are going to have to come in, but we’re all going to have to get used to the idea of having a portion of our teams at home. So how do you keep those people engaged? How do you ensure they’re involved in your team meetings and your company-wide events?

As an IT auditor, I want to know how you’re ensuring you’re getting your annual information security and disaster recovery training done. Wipfli can help with all of these issues, from the technical challenges of how to secure your VPN all the way down to hosting training sessions for those remote employees. Reach out to your relationship executive or visit our website to learn how we can help.

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