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Podcast: The current state of commercial real estate

Aug 23, 2022
By: Robert H. Zondag

Changes are happening in real estate, from commercial to residential. More workers are starting to come back into offices that have been practically empty for two years. Retirees selling their homes and moving into cities is contributing to a shortage of multifamily apartments and raising rents.

In this episode of Bank on Wipfli, Robert Zondag, Senior Manager at Wipfli, talks to Dr. Stephen Buckman, a professor in the Master of Real Estate Development Program at Clemson University, about the commercial real estate trends. They discuss:

  • How the residential market compares to the commercial market.
  • What factors are important to look at when talking about commercial real estate.
  • If there’s a call back to the office, how that will effect commercial real estate.

Listen in to learn what your financial institutions needs to know about the real estate market.

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