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Trust the Professionals

Nov 18, 2019
Financial Institutions

By Chris Hewitt, Senior Internal Auditor


My wife’s job has the flexible benefit of working remotely from home. Of course, one of the benefits of working from home is that you don’t have the hassle of dealing with a daily commute into the office, fighting traffic and bad weather. A natural side effect of not having a commute is that her vehicle doesn’t get driven nearly as often as mine. So when we recently became aware that her vehicle needed new brakes, we were posed with the question of just how much time and money to invest in a vehicle that doesn’t really get used much. My father-in-law brought up the idea that we could just do it ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a smart guy and very knowledgeable, and I have heard all the stories of that one time he and hisfather-in-law changed the brakes on his 1980s station wagon back in the day. But does he do this stuff every day? What would he and I miss that a professional would have seen? That’s not a question I wanted bouncing around in my brain when my wife was cruising down the road in the middle of winter — at that moment you need to count on your brakes working the way they’re supposed to. So in the end, we decided it was best to trust the professionals who do this every day, realizing it may cost more than doing it ourselves but would save me time and energy and give me value-added peace of mind knowing that it would be done right the first time and that none of those little procedures would be missed. 


The lesson here is that trusting the professionals who have the right technical knowledge — and relevant certifications to prove it — can be the best way to go. My project was the brakes on my wife’s vehicle, but as we all know, there are myriad number of highly technical functions in our modern financial institutions. Your project might be the need for an analysis of your lending operations, an objective comparison of the consistency of processes among branch locations or your required annual ACH audit. At Wipfli, we have the technical expertise, industry know-how and relevant certifications that demonstrate our commitment to and passion for providing that next level of value-added insight so you can have peace of mind knowing your operations are running the way they should be.


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