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When You Have More Questions Than Answers

Feb 07, 2019
Financial Institutions

With a 10-month-old at home, I am now trying to find answers to questions I never knew existed. Questions like, “How much sleep does a person need to still be considered a functional human?” and “Should I be worried that my baby is too cute?” (By the way, the answers to those questions are, “You’d be surprised” and “Not at all, but WOW, is that a cute baby!”) The questions continue to pile up, and the answers can be hard to find — or difficult to learn. While the Internet is at your fingertips, literally, it isn’t always the most trusted resource. Often, a simple query leads to a forum filled with opinions and misinformation. Being a new parent means learning confidence in yourself and your family, as well as knowing who to trust. Pediatricians, grandparents and other parents are all as useful as the new parent audio books that now make up my drive time playlist.

Finding the right answer to your banking questions can seem just as fraught when you are trying to find the solution to a complex fact pattern or navigating the regulatory requirements for a new product or service. As useful as Google (or Bing or AskJeeves) can seem, if you aren’t careful, you may come away with a distorted or outdated regulatory analysis. 

When you are a parent, or a compliance officer, the responsibility ultimately will fall on you to have the final say. At Wipfli, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to consult with clients to find the exact answer they need.  Whether through a compliance engagement, ComplianceHelp, our newsletters or other services, we stay up to date to give you the most informed facts available.

In addition, don’t forget to engage with your local banking community! Through attending one of Wipfli’s ComplianceHelpLive meetings, you can take advantage of not only our specialized knowledge, but also the experience and knowledge of other financial institutions in your region. These quarterly meetings provide a safe environment to discuss and deliberate regulatory questions. Knowing who to trust is the first step in getting the answers you need, and Wipfli is here to help.


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