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Podcast: Growing small businesses with bank-centric technology

Dec 01, 2020
By: Terry Ammons
Podcast: Growing small businesses with bank-centric technology

Small business owners and banks face unique problems: Small business owners are passionate about their business but often are not financial experts. On the other side, banks haven’t always done a great job of serving small businesses.

Monit is designed to help solve that. Banks work with Monit to offer their small business clients an opportunity to integrate QuickBooks with Monit to get clear views of current cash flows, plus predicted numbers.

Monit CEO Stephen Dow combined his banking and small business background to help cofound Monit.

As small businesses fight for survival during COVID-19, averting financial problems can make the difference. “The pandemic has highlighted how critical small businesses are to the economy as well as how financially fragile they can be,” said Dow, who is demoing Monit at the Finovate conference.


Terry Ammons, CPA, CISA, CTPRP
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