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There is a Resource for That

Oct 19, 2017
By: Rick Ensenbach

From cybersecurity matters, to compliance, to overall risk management, health care organizations never have to go it alone. Wipfli’s blogs and articles are intended to provide helpful guidance, but there are also plenty of additional, reliable resources that can serve as starting points for initiatives, as sites for additional insights, or simply as touchpoints for gathering assurances that you’re moving in all the right directions.

Here is a list of the many websites you can confidently turn to for additional information as you continue your cybersecurity and compliance journeys. 

  • OCR Privacy & Security Listserv. A free listserv that provides important security and privacy information directly from the HIPAA enforcement arm of Health & Human Services.

  • Health & Human Services. HIPAA rules generally require that covered entities and business associates enter into contracts to ensure business associates will appropriately safeguard protected health information. You can find a free business associate agreement template here.

  • Health & Human Services Breach Portal. This website posts information pertaining to breaches of unsecured protected health information affecting 500 or more individuals.

  • HIPAA Collaborative of Wisconsin (HIPAACOW). Obtain free policy templates and other security/privacy related resources at this site.

  • Get free educational resources, guidance, tools, and more from the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessment (SRA). A site that provides a downloadable computer-based program that walks you through a security risk assessment.

  • Privacy & Security Training. Get computer-based games to supplement your cybersecurity training efforts.

  • Online Mobile Device Security Training. Find and share computer training videos.

  • National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). This computer security resource center offers free reference publications and covers standards related to security.

  • Federal Trade Commission Consumer Scam Alerts. Sign up for a free subscription service that alerts you to the latest scams affecting your industry.

  • Snopes. For more ways to research scams and hoaxes, try this free resource.

Lastly, you’ll always find up-to-date industry information here online at, along with opportunities to participate in webinars and attend training sessions. You may subscribe to the informative resources that are most germane to your industry and your interests at

And of course, we’re always just a phone call away, ready to answer your cybersecurity questions and address your concerns!


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