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State of the asset management industry 2023 research report

Wipfli Insights Team
Aug 10, 2023
2023 State of the asset management industry research report

New research reveals insights from asset management firms

Evolving digital technologies are reshaping asset management best practices. Firms are facing increased pressure to leverage digital tools for alpha generation. At the same time, they must attract and retain employees skilled at both the analytic and human-facing components of investment.

Wipfli surveyed 99 asset management firms in 31 states to learn about these and other challenges facing the industry — and the strategies firms are employing to address them.

Most firms report tempered optimism for their clients’ immediate investment performance, following several years of market instability. Nearly two-thirds of firms (65%) anticipate conservative market growth of 5%-8% in the coming year, while slightly less than a third (28%) expect more standard growth of between 8%-10%.

Download the full report to explore asset management advisors’ top priorities and concerns in 2023. You’ll learn how firms are addressing:

  • Talent management
  • Technology integration
  • Employee development
  • Client service enhancement
  • Workflow optimization

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