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Perspectives in Financial Services recording: Choose to lead

Wipfli Insights Team
May 23, 2024

Watch our on-demand Perspectives in Financial Services event, “Choose to lead,” featuring Phillip Van Hooser. Phillip is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, six-time author and seasoned leadership expert with practical strategies for successfully leading multigenerational organizations. His insights will equip and empower you to retain and develop your organization’s top talent in an increasingly challenging labor market.

In this practical, fast-paced discussion, Phillip will inspire your leaders with wisdom and insights for building a cohesive culture of trust designed to navigate rapid change and transition within your organization.

Key takeaways include:

  • Five guidelines for professional decision-making — helping ensure more successful outcomes.
  • Four leadership actions — critical steps for long-term leadership success.
  • Three types of leaders — two to avoid and one to become.
  • Two leadership expectations — required of all leaders daily.
  • Living and leading by values — the power of defining your leadership values for yourself and your organization.

This webinar is designed for:

Leadership of banks, credit unions, wealth and asset management firms, insurance companies and private equity firms.


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