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FTC Safeguards Rule webinar recording, February 2023

Jeff Olejnik
Feb 01, 2023

New FTC Safeguards Rule: What you need to know to meet the June 2023 deadline

Data security and protecting customer information is more important than ever.

All businesses in the financial supply chain play a critical role in protecting customer information. However, not everyone has the same level of regulatory oversight as financial institutions. If your company lacks a formalized information security program, meeting the requirements of the new FTC Safeguards Rule will be a significant undertaking.

With the compliance deadline extended to June 9, 2023, there is still time — but little time to waste.

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear Wipfli cybersecurity leader Jeff Olejnik discuss: 

  • The FTC Safeguards Rule requirements
  • How you can be compliant before the deadline 

Who should watch this webinar:

Senior management and lending officers

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Jeff Olejnik


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