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Reaching zero downtime and zero defects with Industry 4.0

Mo Abuali
Nov 07, 2023

Manufacturers can see millions of dollars in savings just by decreasing unplanned downtime or reducing scrap. But getting there requires the right technology.

Increasingly, manufacturing companies are turning to digital solutions to provide insights that can drive productivity and efficiency. In this webinar, Wipfli’s Mo Abuali explored how your business can embrace an Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

By downloading, you’ll learn more about:

  • Using predictive analytics and AI to provide your personnel with insights that drive productivity.
  • Taking a systemic approach to Industry 4.0 by looking at how your people, processes and technology interact.
  • Scaling technology quickly by thinking big and starting small.
  • Building a business case for advanced analytics.


Mo Abuali
Director - Digital, PhD


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