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Answering your biggest tax questions around remote workers

Mar 30, 2023

In a post COVID-19 world, many employees have not returned to the office on a permanent basis. Some have workers who live in one state and work in another or workers who routinely travel outside of the state they reside in to do business.

This has left employers wondering how to accommodate the tax implications of working remotely — from their state unemployment insurance (SUI) payment and payroll tax withholding obligations and even to their income/franchise and sales/use tax nexus footprint.

And that’s why this webinar could make a big difference for your business. Scott Schapiro, president of EX4 Payroll Tax Consultants, joined Wipfli’s Craig Cookle, partner, and Dan Kidney, director, to discuss the state tax implications of remote workers and share tips and guidance. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Which states have reciprocal agreements for purposes of their state (and local) income tax withholding regimes
  • How COVID-19 has changed the rules on multistate workers
  • The four-part test for whether you need to pay SUI to a state for a particular employee
  • How to determine which states you need to withhold payroll tax in
  • How to manage a workforce that travels to different states
  • Whether your payroll system can fulfill these requirements
  • Whether having an employee telecommuting from a state may give your business a taxable presence (nexus) there for purposes of income/franchise taxes or sales/use taxes that the state imposes
  • And much more


Craig A. Cookle, CPA
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Daniel N. Kidney, CPA, JD
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Erika Young, CRPS®, CPFA, AIF®
Principal, Human Capital Management
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