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Elevate Your Sage Intacct: Q1 2024

Julie Schilz
Feb 27, 2024

Sage Intacct’s first release of 2024 is here, and it brought exciting features with it.

In our Elevate Your Sage Intacct webinar, the Wipfli team dived into the accounting software’s newest components, just added with the Q1 2024 release. Learn how to make the most of these features to power your organization forward. We discussed:

  • API usage dashboards and Intacct’s new API performance tiers.
  • Self-service account recovery, which utilizes account recovery questions and allows locked-out users to regain access without assistance from an admin.
  • New billing notifications, where submitters can now receive notifications of approved or declined bills in both AP and Purchasing.
  • New inventory utilities, which provide a clearer view of how transaction definitions affect report totals.
  • Version history for financial reports, which allows you to now restore to a prior version if you find a financial report is no longer working the way you want.
  • Improved report scheduling.

We will covered bank reconciliation updates and training available via Wipfli support, including match sequencing, as well as introduced Sage Intacct Data Flow to digitize data collection and workflows.


Julie Schilz
MBA, Manager


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