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Maximize ROI from your Qlik analytics investment

David Fields
May 18, 2023

Modern data-driven organizations need to quickly and effectively manage their data to enable them to make growth decisions and control expenses. Many Wipfli customers implement Qlik in their data and analytics journey, and there’s a lot to cover as the platform continues to mature and expand.

Dennis Norton, Ellari Kerner and David Fields from the Wipfli analytics team presented the newest features in the Qlik analytics and data integration stack. This comprehensive review demonstrated how customers can leverage the latest innovations and improvements in the Qlik stack.

The presentation covered:

  • New innovations to the Qlik SaaS platform.
  • How Wipfli customers are embracing Qlik’s new AutoML solution.
  • Considerations on migrating to Qlik SaaS.
  • Qlik’s data integration pipelines.

The Wipfli team stays closely aligned with the Qlik R&D team to be a resource for your organization.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about analytics and data. We look forward to connecting.


Dennis Norton, senior consultant

Ellari Kerner, senior consultant


David Fields


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