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Anti-fraud best practices for efficient compliance with government and internal policies

Marc Courey
Mar 03, 2023

Workplace waste and abuse (fraud) can be devastating to your tribal community. But learning anti-fraud best practices can help your tribe more efficiently comply with government and internal policies and help mitigate the risk of workplace fraud.

Download our on-demand webinar recording to hear Marc Courey, Director, Forensic & Litigation Services discuss:

  • How you can improve how tribal resources are used through developing compliance and/or internal audit processes.
  • Better or best practices for tribes to implement to help prevent fraud.
  • How data can be used to identify compliance issues, along with potential fraud, waste and abuse.


Marc W. Courey
CPA/CFF, JD, LLM, CFE, CICA, CCEP, CIA, Director – Forensic & Litigation Services


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