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Using financials to create data-driven stability

Feb 06, 2023

This past year has caused a tremendous amount of concern around economic uncertainty. Rising inflation, interest rates and geopolitical risks are all factors that have made financial management a major challenge for wealth and asset management businesses.

Fortunately, market challenges also bring about growth opportunities. A business resilience mindset will help ensure you are focused on creating and maintaining a sustainable and stable business.

In this on-demand webinar, Paul Lally and Christina Trapp discuss a key component to resiliency: financial confidence. Watch to learn:

  • What it means for wealth and asset management businesses to have financial confidence in a time of economic and market uncertainty.
  • Why a financial strategy is key to resilience and resiliency planning, and the risks of not having a strategy in place.
  • The importance of investing in recruitment, technology and the CFO.
  • The first step you should take to achieve stability.


Paul T. Lally
Christina Klein Trapp
CPA, MST, Partner


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