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March 20: Our strong preference for electronic document delivery

Friday, March 20, 2020

As more governmental units issue broad shutdown orders to help contain the COVID-19 spread, it is becoming clear that it may not be practical — or even possible — to rely on or ensure timely access to our drop box locations, physical mail or couriered documents.

With rapidly changing circumstances, we are asking all clients to pay careful attention to the situation in their local community and the location of the Wipfli office they work with before using those options for document delivery.

Instead, if possible, consider using one of our online channels. You can easily share documents and information with us through our secure online portal. Instruction on access and use can be found here.

Our preference is that you use our portal. That said, we want to provide alternatives, so email is also an option. However, be aware that email is generally less secure, even with our robust security in place. If possible, scan documents and email them to your Wipfli contact. If it is not possible to scan the documents, you could consider taking pictures of them on your phone, as long as it is a clear image. We appreciate the approximately 80% of clients who are using our online channels already. 

We successfully transitioned the vast majority of our associates to work from home earlier this week and remain well positioned to serve you. Our offices generally remain open with a limited team, including team members who process physical deliveries.

While we will continue to accept drop-box, physical mail and courier services for as long as we are able — and we will do our absolute best — we cannot guarantee our timely access to or completion of services with respect to materials delivered via those channels.

You can expect continued communication from us as events warrant.

We wish you and your loved ones well in these challenging times.

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