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IT audit

Protect your critical assets and exceed regulatory requirements.

If you’re in a regulated industry, you’re under added pressure to satisfy regulations around information security and internal controls. By performing an IT controls review, you can identify and evaluate your risks, the quality of your IT controls and how well protected your critical assets are.

Wipfli can help you meet and even exceed regulatory requirements.

With our IT controls review solution, we don’t just evaluate your environment — we also provide you with best practices and recommendations on how to mitigate any risks we identify. Our team delivers prioritized, actionable feedback that won’t overwhelm your stakeholders with technical jargon.

In addition to our IT controls review, we can also perform:

  • IT risk assessments
  • Physical penetration testing
  • IT FDICIA/SOX testing
  • Pre-text calling
  • Internal vulnerability scanning

IT audit
Protect your critical assets and meet regulatory requirements with an IT controls review
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