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Fraud prevention checkup

Get proactive about preventing fraud

Did you know weak or circumvented internal controls are responsible for most fraud cases? What’s more, asset misappropriation fraud costs the average business $125,000.[1]

Lower your risk of fraud with Wipfli’s prevention checkup.

With our team, you can strengthen your internal controls and potentially save thousands — even hundreds of thousands — of dollars by limiting the risk of fraud.

Our fraud prevention checkup typically includes the following:

  • Fraud risk oversight: Determine whether your oversight levels are strong enough to help deter fraud.
  • Fraud risk assessment: Identify significant fraud risks and recommend corrective actions.
  • Fraud risk tolerance and risk management policy: Determine your risk tolerance level and create a risk management policy.
  • Process-level anti-fraud controls: Assess your internal controls and provide recommended actions for improving existing controls and/or creating new ones.
  • Environment-level anti-fraud controls: Create a workplace environment where your employees feel empowered to come to you if they suspect another employee is committing fraud.
  • Proactive fraud detection: Provide methodology so you can implement processes that flag potential planned wrongdoing when it happens.
  • Fraud risk ownership: Ensure your employees are aware of what your official process to report fraud is and that the official contact has the ability to conduct an examination.

[1]Source: The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners