Driving Digital Transformation for Team Rubicon With Microsoft

Building Technology to Change the Lives of Nonprofits

When you’ve grown from eight individuals to over 85,000 volunteers in less than a decade, innovation becomes a do-or-die necessity. This is the story of how humanitarian and disaster relief organization Team Rubicon partnered with Microsoft and Wipfli to develop a volunteer management system that could change the lives of people across the world.

Driving Digital Transformation to Benefit Nonprofits

What’s the best way to get volunteers out the door, on the ground and — when they’re done — excited to volunteer again? You leverage technology to make the process as smooth and rewarding as possible. Meanwhile, your nonprofit organization saves time, money and other valuable resources.

Wipfli is generating this type of widespread impact on Team Rubicon’s operations by building a volunteer management system that not only gets volunteers where they need to be — enabling them to save more lives — but also measures their dollar-for-dollar impact. Click here to learn more.

Successfully Navigating the Change Management Process

As life-changing as your technology solution is, it’s ultimately only as good as the number of people who fully adopt it. Implementing much-needed technology and process improvements meant an equally important part of Wipfli’s work with Team Rubicon was change management.

Click here to learn how Wipfli navigated culture to encourage change and achieve a successful technology implementation.

What Does Your Organization’s Future Look Like?

Make a lasting impact by driving digital transformation. If your organization is looking to grow, build or accelerate by leveraging the right technology solution, contact Wipfli today to get started.

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