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Confidently prepare for the unexpected.

A financial plan should account for more than just the tangible goals clients establish for themselves or their business. It should also account for the events that can’t always be imagined or predicted.

The right advice helps individuals and businesses prepare for the unexpected. Whether it’s chronic illness, premature death, or guidance around what coverage is necessary, knowledgeable advisors from our affiliate Wipfli Financial assist in choosing the right, cost-effective strategies to address concerns and needs. As life changes, experts reassess client needs to ensure coverage is consistent with the current situation.

With a solid plan in place, clients can be confident that the family and business are prepared, no matter what life throws your way.  

Protect what’s most important.

The future is uncertain, but the right coverage and objective, transparent insight can help individuals and businesses prepare for the unexpected. Skilled professionals assist in choosing the right, cost-effective strategies to address concerns and needs. Whether the concern is protecting family or business, leaving a legacy, or benefiting a charity, insurance planning is a cornerstone of a thoughtful financial plan.

Services* for families and individuals include:

  • Life insurance pricing, review, and placement
  • Disability insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Annuity product review and acquisition
  • Trust-owned life Insurance (TOLI) review and management
  • Elder care and special needs planning
  • Property and liability risk assessment

Services* for businesses and business owners include:

  • Buy-sell agreement financing
  • Executive benefit plans
  • Key person insurance
  • Supplemental disability insurance for key employees
  • Executive long-term care insurance plans
  • Group life and disability insurance

*Investment advisory and/or financial planning services, if requested, will be offered by an affiliate, Wipfli Financial Advisors, LLC, under a separate engagement agreement for a separate fee. Please visit for important information about the firm, its services and disclosures.

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