Trust Services

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A team of dedicated tax specialists work to maximize family wealth in the estate, gift, and trust areas. Trust and fiduciary services can be the cornerstone of family wealth management, adding security and organization that translates into the well-being of family members and communities.

A cornerstone of family wealth management.

Experts help manage assets objectively in accordance with each client’s goals, removing administrative burdens from beneficiaries while ensuring continued financial legacy benefits. While our teams do not serve as Trustee of a trust, experienced professionals do the planning and consulting on the front end, as well as compliance, fiduciary returns, and fiduciary accounting. Seasoned experts review existing trust agreements and account for settlement totals.

Services include:

  • Legacy planning
  • Trust planning, modeling and compliance
  • Review of trust agreements
  • Trust administration – collect and distribute income, process transactions, generate reports and statements, and prepare income tax returns
  • Estate and trust settlement

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