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Tax time simplified.

Tax season can be complicated, but Wipfli is on a mission to make the experience easier and more collaborative.

In an ongoing effort to streamline the tax process for our clients, Wipfli is excited to introduce tax clients to a powerful, free software solution to reduce the stress of tax season.

The TaxCaddy tool makes it easier than ever to gather your 1040 tax documents and deliver them to us.

To get started with TaxCaddy:

Step 1: Contact your Wipfli relationship executive

Your relationship executive will work with TaxCaddy to send you an invitation to join. 

Step 2: Connect

Log in to your TaxCaddy account and accept Wipfli’s connection request. Accepting the connection request allows Wipfli to send you messages and requests, see your tax documents and send you letters.

Step 3: Begin

Additional users, such as your spouse or a financial advisor, can be added and granted access to your TaxCaddy account at any time.

Once you sign up through your personal invite code, you’ll be able to set up an account and link to your banks and brokerages. Let TaxCaddy automatically retrieve your tax documents. Install the TaxCaddy app for iPhone or Android to take photographs of paper documents as you receive them.