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Authorization to send documents

Wipfli has entered into an agreement with KerberRose S.C. to transition the role of your tax/services provider to KerberRose.

KerberRose is well suited to provide you with the attentive, local service you value and meet your current service needs.

By June 7, please follow this link to authorize us to send KerberRose your files and information.

You will be required to enter the unique identifier that is shown in the lower left corner of the Consent Form that was enclosed in your notice letter.

If you are married and filing a joint return, each spouse can use the same link, enter the same unique identifier, and submit their signatures separately. Otherwise, the first person submitting their signature can indicate there will be a second signer and enter their spouse’s name and email address; the spouse will receive an email with the link to enter and submit their signature (the spouse will not need to enter the unique identifier).

Once KerberRose receives your documents, a team member will contact you to discuss next steps.

For more information on KerberRose and the services they can provide you, please visit https://www.kerberrose.com/kerberrose.

If you have any questions about this form, contact us