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Chippewa Veterinary Clinic

Making outsourcing easy

When Chippewa Veterinary Clinic lost its in-house bookkeeper, it needed someone to step in and keep key financial processes going.

The Challenge

Chippewa Veterinary Clinic needed someone to manage the clinic’s accounting needs but was hesitant to hire another full-time bookkeeper. It was just as reluctant to outsource, worried it would take a huge time commitment from the partners.

The Solution

As the clinic’s long-time tax services provider, Wipfli stepped up to help with financial accounting. At first, it was an interim placement. But the decision to outsource soon became easy. Wipfli took full charge of the clinic’s accounting needs and delivered timely and reliable back-office services, including payroll, accounts payable, invoicing and reconciliation. Wipfli also prepared monthly financial statements and coached the clinic’s leaders on how to interpret vital numbers for the business.

Wipfli helped us get a handle on where our money is spent every month, and doing so has helped us reduce costs and increase profitability.
Dr. Joel Mayberry, partner at Chippewa Veterinary Clinic

The results

Thanks to reliable reports and accurate accounting information, the clinic has a better handle on expenses and is making better business decisions. It’s improving profitability overall — and without a huge time commitment from leaders. Combined, the principals spend about a dozen hours a month on accounting tasks. And the clinic pays Wipfli less that it would cost to hire a full-time bookkeeper. Outsourcing allows the clinic to focus on its mission and provide professional, compassionate care for animals.