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Gale Construction

Filling a specialized talent gap

Gale Construction wasn’t staffed to meet specialized accounting needs and reporting requirements — and it wasn’t ready to hire more finance staff.

The Challenge

Gale Construction struggled to hire the right talent mix for its accounting department. A bookkeeper couldn’t fill a controller role, and CFO-level talent wasn’t suited for daily bookkeeping tasks. Plus, construction accounting required specialized knowledge. After working together on a financial statement review and tax return, Gale Construction realized it wanted to outsource its entire accounting function to Wipfli.

The Solution

Gale Construction got a turnkey resource with everything it needed, from payroll to 401(k) to taxes. Wipfli developed an outsourced accounting plan with multiple layers of support, covering bookkeeper, staff accountant, controller and CFO roles. And Wipfli proactively consulted on reporting issues and tax changes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wipfli kept Gale Construction updated on relief options and prepared PPP loan and employee retention tax credit submissions on its behalf.

We’ve had a relationship with Wipfli for many years now, and there’s a sense of trust and confidence there. They’re going to be my long-term people.
Laura Pager, President at Gale Construction

The results

With a team of specialists behind it, Gale Construction gained greater insight into the organization’s financial data — and was able to focus on growth. Now, Gale Construction is hiring internally to bring payroll and accounts payable in house. And Wipfli will continue to support complex finance and accounting services, like overseeing monthly financials, preparing corporate taxes and providing audit support. Wipfli will also manage the company’s new 401(k) plan as part of a long-term and invested partnership.