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Scott Construction Inc.

Getting critical information into the field

Scott Construction Inc. (SCI) needed more visibility and better support for its asphalt and road crews, who were spread across 700 municipalities in Wisconsin and surrounding states.

The Challenge

SCI needed a way to communicate with crews out in the field to make sure they were using the right amounts of the right materials and reroute excess supply to other job sites. Sales managers were wasting time driving across the state to solve equipment issues and troubleshoot technology problems — when they needed to be focused on selling.

The Solution

Wipfli migrated SCI’s technology to the cloud to give the company more flexibility and visibility. That made it easier for SCI to deploy technicians, provision resources and manage projects. And it gave crews information they needed to produce a superior product without wasting resources. The system also provided data and analytics visualizations, so SCI could see the status of every project and compare it to others.

The Wipfli team is always presenting new ideas to give us better tools. Our relationship is one built on trust and transparency.
Steve Heiser, Director of Finance at Scott Construction Inc.

The results

Using cloud-based technology saved sales managers an entire day’s worth of work every week. Now they can focus on their primary responsibility — selling — and support field crews no matter how remote their location. The system collects timesheets and asphalt amounts to ease the administrative burden. What’s more, it turns the information into business intelligence so SCI can improve decision-making and project management.