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Schwieters Auto Group

Building a strategic partnership

years of partnership

Schwieters Auto Group needed help building a tax and accounting foundation for its dealership. But we didn’t stop there. Schwieters found a strategic partner in Wipfli that helped it grow and acquire additional dealerships.

The Challenge

Schwieters engaged Wipfli for tax and accounting support — but soon realized that Wipfli’s advice had companywide, strategic impact. For the past 20 years, Schwieters has turned to Wipfli for a range of dealership consulting services, ranging from business valuation and cybersecurity to M&A support.

The Solution

Over the years, Wipfli has performed cost-segregation studies, advised on technology, structured retirement plan benefits, streamlined reporting and ensured compliance. Wipfli leads an annual benchmarking analysis and planning session, which helps the auto group build strategies and continuously improve. Comprehensive tax planning helps Schwieters leverage changes in tax reform and make proactive, future-focused tax decisions. And business valuation and M&A analysis have enabled the auto group to continue to grow.

Wipfli has that specialized knowledge and experience that allows us to use them for pretty much everything we need.
Grant Schwieters, owner of Schwieters Auto Group

The results

By working with Wipfli on enhanced tax planning, process improvement, strategic benchmarking and M&A, Schwieters has become one of the most profitable and successful dealership groups in Minnesota. Wipfli’s cost-segregation studies saved the group millions of dollars when it acquired a new dealership and increased its cash flow. And M&A advice and analysis have resulted in the owner group acquiring two additional dealerships.

Now, Schwieters Auto Group is in continuous dialogue with Wipfli about its strategic direction, trusting us to advise on potential new M&A opportunities and serve a critical role in carrying out the acquisition, just as we have in the past.