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Building a strong company culture

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Centier Bank is the largest private, family-owned bank in Indiana, with 58 locations in 11 counties and over 900 associates. After struggling to attract and retain talent, insight from Predictive Index allowed the bank to build its corporate culture and live it every day.

The Challenge

Centier knew there was a link between employee performance, customer relationships and productivity. But it didn’t know how to screen candidates for success. It was also struggling to attract and retain quality employees since it was located near two major cities. Turnover was regularly 17–20%. Centier wanted to build a company culture that would attract and retain the best talent.

The Solution

At Wipfli’s recommendation, Centier adopted Predictive Index (PI) tools to create job profiles for each position at the bank. This way, it could objectively measure whether employees were in the right roles, and what skills and attributes future candidates needed to fit in and thrive. Everyone who managed people — executives, branch managers and department managers — learned how to use and analyze PI data.

By developing strong job models for our positions and adhering to these guidelines, we have the right people in customer-facing roles. We see improved levels of service and performance, plus improved morale, communication and more effective teams.
Carol Highsmith, Senior Partner, Centier Bank

The results

Centier cut turnover in half by making strong hires from the start and putting people in the right roles. Employees stay with the company longer and find more opportunities to grow. The bank was even named a Best Place to Work by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. Customer service metrics are regularly around 93–95%, with some branches consistently achieving 100% ratings.

As a teambuilding tool, Predictive Index helped managers understand what motivates their teams. It also gave them roadmaps for training and coaching, which improved individual performance and motivation.

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Best Place to Work in Indiana