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Park View Community Campus
Eric J. Walthall, Director of Marketing

“We had some very specific ideas of what we wanted, and Wipfli made it happen — adding all the value that true web experts bring to the table. Our new site is remarkable in design and usability, and it’s something our whole community is proud of. Wipfli delivers on their promise and will fulfill your expectations with sincerity, professionalism and outstanding communication.”


Park View Community Campus is a long-term care community, housing a nursing home, assisted living facility, senior apartments, twin homes and a children’s daycare. It is a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 5-star rated facility and frequent industry award-winner.

Check out the new website here.


One of the main goals with this project was to update Park View’s website to make it more engaging and accurately reflect the client’s position as a leader in their market. Prospective tenants also needed a more intuitive user experience that made it easier to understand the senior living options available — in plain, user-centered language.  


To reach these goals, Wipfli paid particular attention to developing the dynamic movement tools that contribute to the site’s modern feel. On the home banner, text appears, letter-by-letter, to complete a core value statement. Other page banners incorporate small-file background videos that loop once before holding on key imagery.

A fresh navigation plan better reflects Park View’s residential options, and multiple navigation paths provide openness and flexibility to help visitors access information. 

To showcase Park View’s unique employer promise, the Wipfli team updated the recruitment page and added an on-site application tool. For residents, a new events page provides an enticing visual overview of activities on campus. Typography is large and clean throughout, making it easily readable for their senior residents.


The website redesign for Park View Community Campus reinforces the facility's leadership in the senior care and senior living sector. Videos, engaging movement and bold graphics create a feeling of a vibrant, caring company focused on new and innovative ways to keep residents and tenants happy and healthy.

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