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Nonprofits are using digital solutions to overcome challenges and amplify their impact.

Look at the biggest challenges nonprofits face today, and you can see just how big an impact technology makes. These critical solutions build up a nonprofit’s strength and leave them better able to focus on their mission.

Our Wipfli Digital team doesn’t just offer digital solutions. We offer digital clarity — cutting through to make the future work for you.

Using technology to support strategic priorities

How can you strategically invest in technology to build your organizational capacity? By creating a technology roadmap customized to your organization’s needs and goals.

Wipfli helps your organization assess your current state, identify your priorities, set your digital vision and strategize each step of your execution. We develop an in-depth roadmap outlining your technology journey however far into the future you need — while ensuring it’s flexible enough to adapt to unanticipated change.

And we can help you execute on your roadmap, delivering services such as:

  • Software selection and implementation
  • Custom development
  • CIO advisory
  • Data analytics
  • Managed technology

Technology implementation: Already know what technology you’re interested in? No problem. Wipfli has extensive experience implementing software solutions, including the Microsoft application suite, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power platformAzurePower BI, Salesforce.comOracle NetSuiteSage IntacctPlanful, and Qlik.

Protecting your organization from cyberattacks

Cyberattacks like ransomware are growing more frequent. Insurance companies are becoming stricter about who qualifies for cyber insurance. And the way of doing business is evolving further into the digital world, giving you even more data to protect.

Wipfli helps nonprofits secure their organization by:

  • Performing vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Improving your security policies and procedures
  • Implementing data and endpoint security solutions
  • Protecting, detecting and responding to the latest cybersecurity threats

Leveraging data to make decisions that impact your mission

Data is the engine that runs the most impactful nonprofit organizations. With the right data and insights, nonprofit leaders can make strategic decisions about fundraising, volunteers, services and programs. And with the right business intelligence tool, they can create accurate and timely reports to automate and streamline their end-of-the-year reporting to funding sources.

Replace manual, time-consuming and Excel-based reporting with intuitive dashboards displaying real-time insights and all your most important metrics. By partnering with Wipfli, you can:

  • Implement and integrate a business intelligence solution with your existing technology so it provides a full picture of your organization
  • Train your team members to read data so they can transform it into insights and action
  • Build custom dashboards and dashboard templates
  • Streamline and improve your reporting to funding sources

Automating your financial operations

Manual, paper-based processes are taking valuable time away from your employees. They’re preventing your leaders from gaining the financial insights they need to make proactive and strategic decisions.

By taking data into the cloud and automating these processes, nonprofit organizations can refocus employees on more strategic priorities. The solution? Accounting and financial management software. With it, your team can:

  • Automate complex and/or paper-based processes
  • Provide financial visibility to your key stakeholders, including leadership, board and program managers
  • Manage cost allocation directly within the financial management system
  • Drive strategic decisions
  • Improve and streamline your compliance processes

Increasing engagement

The right technology can help you deepen engagement with members, donors, volunteers and clients.

Using digital solutions, you can easily intake, refer, manage and report on client interactions, while easing the burden on your staff and reducing manual data entry tasks. You can create effective donor experiences to develop new relationships and increase fundraising. And you can communicate with, engage and grow your volunteer base.

Here are just some of the ways implementing a digital strategy can increase engagement and support your organization to extend your reach and overall impact: 

  • Streamline and automate processes
  • Allow for self-service and community engagement
  • Connected ecosystem with core systems for unified processes
  • Centralized data for easier reporting
  • 360-degree view of client, volunteer and donor interactions with a single view of an individual

It’s time to start using digital solutions to create streamlined, positive experiences that deliver successful outcomes.

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