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Larpen Metallurgical Service

Finding the right business tool for growth

Larpen Metallurgical Service needed a new ERP system to take the family-run business to the next level.

The Challenge

Larpen Metallurgical Service runs lean, so it couldn’t afford for employees to lose time and efficiency on manual processes. It needed to increase visibility and tracking for incoming shipments and to streamline transactions. It wanted a robust technology system it could grow with — and it wanted a proven process for choosing the best solution.

The Solution

Larpen used Wipfli’s structured approach to vet and select the right software. That started with a detailed investigation into Larpen’s business and day-to-day operations. After surveying employees, Wipfli spent two days at Larpen, digging deep into its processes. Wipfli captured and ranked Larpen’s technology requirements for the RFP process and helped rank the responses. When it was time for product demonstrations, Wipfli scripted the process to make sure vendors covered critical topics. The team also created a scorecard to help Larpen objectively evaluate the options.

With Wipfli guiding us through the software selection process, it was easy to make decisions quickly and effectively.
Jennifer Rothenback Bera, CFO at Larpen Metallurgical Service

The results

After the demos, Larpen had all the information it needed to make an objective, performance-focused selection. Wipfli’s thorough process addressed high-level, critical business issues, so Larpen was confident the solution would meet its needs. The company picked an ERP solution it’s excited about and that will deliver a long-term return on the investment.