Stickle Steam Specialties Co.

Stickle Steam Specialties Co.
Libby Stickle, Operations & Accounting
“Wipfli has helped us scale our business with the infrastructure and accounting team members that we need, when we need them. Their flexibility allows us to use services as required in a very fiscally responsible way. The broad offerings of the firm allow us to pull in additional expertise as topics arise. Our relationship with Wipfli makes resolving issues extremely quick because we’re connecting dots within their organization.”

The challenge

Antiquated, unsupported and unaligned technology and processes were preventing Chad and Libby Stickle from modernizing their family business. They turned to accounting and business consulting firm Wipfli for help transforming Stickle Steam Specialties Co.

The solution

Wipfli updated Stickle Steam’s significantly outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool with a nimble, more strategic system that would enable the business to track and manage parts, jobs and profitability. Wipfli also advised Stickle Steam with outsourced accounting services, providing best practices and alignment simultaneously from a technology and accounting perspective. With the new ERP in place, Stickle Steam gained efficiencies and real-time, transparent visibility into operations and profitability. Seeing great value in the success of the ERP implementation, Stickle Steam expanded Wipfli’s role to include outsourced controller and CFO services, as well as corporate tax preparation and consultation services.

The results

Stickle Steam has streamlined its accounting function, established an efficient month-end process, eliminated manual outdated practices and improved its ability to accurately forecast cashflow. In addition, Stickle Steam is now able to accurately measure job profitability. Combined, the company has the tools in place to drive a modern strategy with on-demand data and insights.

The impact

Implemented an integrated ERP and job costing system
Established best practices in accounting
Eliminated more than 10 manual outdated processes