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Woodway USA, Inc.

Improving the production cycle

Woodway USA had a robust ERP system, but didn’t trust its data. That led to complications and waste across the production cycle.

The Challenge

Woodway USA is the largest specialized treadmill manufacturer in the world — but it didn’t have good insight into its inventory or supply chain. Disconnects between sales and operations meant it carried excess inventory. And large supply orders took up valuable warehouse space, increased the risk of inventory obsolescence and tied up cash.

The Solution

Wipfli performance specialists toured Woodway’s plant and interviewed leaders to untangle the complex issue. They discovered there wasn’t a consistent process for tracking sales or to collaboratively adjust supply plans. Team leaders spent too much time reacting to issues, rather than proactively improving operations.

We were thoroughly impressed with Wipfli’s observations and depth of analysis.
Jeremiah Goebel, Industrial Engineer at Woodway USA, Inc.

The results

Wipfli identified cost-effective opportunities to strengthen Woodway’s processes and conducted a feasibility-impact analysis to help the manufacturer prioritize low-complexity, high-impact projects. A multi-phase plan mapped out early wins to create valuable momentum.