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Mann Lake
Shana Rowlette, CFO

“We had a successful launch, and, without a doubt, Wipfli was a big part of that.”


Mann Lake successfully launched a full NetSuite implementation across seven U.S. locations, with a four-month window from kickoff to go-live. To do so, Mann Lake used NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess rapid-launch service with add-on implementation support from Wipfli. 


After choosing NetSuite for its enterprise resource planning tool (ERP for short), Mann Lake opted for a SuiteSuccess launch deployed by NetSuite because its leaders saw advantages in the rapid go-live option and pre-configured modules. 

Very early into implementation, however, they realized the quick-launch solution wouldn’t provide all the support they needed. When Mann Lake leaders explained what they were looking for, NetSuite connected them with Wipfli. 

“I instantly felt better once Wipfli was on board,” said CFO Shana Rowlette. “I knew they’d be a partner who could support us during the conversion and long-term.”


Wipfli joined the implementation team about one month into the start, providing added insight and problem-solving that matched Mann Lake business processes with NetSuite capabilities. 

As NetSuite completed the base installation, Wipfli was ready for the hand-off — already familiar with customizations and nuances particular to Mann Lake’s business. Wipfli specialists led data-migration efforts as well as training and user-acceptance testing. 

“We needed people who knew how to make NetSuite work for us. We needed someone who could think outside the box, and that’s what Wipfli provided,” Rowlette said. “They know how to get creative and rework standard features in a way that works for our business.”


Mann Lake hit its aggressive four-month timeline, implementing a full business launch (including finance, sales, inventory, warehouse and manufacturing) with a simultaneous go-live across all seven company locations.

Client profile

Mann Lake specializes in beekeeping supplies and protective gear for professional and hobbyist beekeepers. The company is headquartered in Hackensack, MN.

Relationship Executive(s)

Shelly Worrel, Principal