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Mann Lake

Launching a custom ERP quickly

locations launched in a simultaneous go-live

Mann Lake successfully launched a full NetSuite implementation across seven U.S. locations, with a four-month window from kickoff to go-live. To do so, Mann Lake used NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess rapid-launch service with add-on implementation support from Wipfli.

The Challenge

Mann Lake selected NetSuite as its ERP tool and planned a SuiteSuccess launch. Shortly into the four-month implementation, Mann Lake realized that preconfigured modules in the rapid-launch service couldn’t meet all its business needs, so it turned to Wipfli.

The Solution

When NetSuite completed the base installation, they handed off to Wipfli technologists who were familiar with Mann Lake’s business. Wipfli led the remaining data-migration efforts, user training and user-acceptance testing. The team also created customizations to address the nuances in Mann Lake’s operations.

We needed someone who could think outside the box, and that’s what Wipfli provided. They know how to get creative and rework standard features in a way that works for our business.
Shana Rowlette, CFO at Mann Lake

The results

Mann Lake hit its aggressive four-month implementation timeline. It launched NetSuite across the entire business — finance, sales, inventory, warehouse and manufacturing — in a simultaneous go-live across all seven company locations.

month implementation timeline met