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Custom software and apps

Build the ultimate experience to achieve your specific goals

Custom software is more than just unique code. It’s building hyper-tailored solutions that create new experiences through design and functionality.

Whether you need a custom-built piece of software or a lightweight connector for tools you’re currently leveraging, we can help you redefine how you connect and accelerate growth.

Why Wipfli?

Our team has decades of experience helping clients unlock the real impact of technology so they can transform faster, engage smarter and get tangible results.

But unlike other digital powerhouses, we don’t deliver the same cookie-cutter recommendations and then bounce over to the next client. We work as an extension of your team — from concept to creation — to deliver what matters most to you and your customers.

It all begins with your vision and expectations. Our agile, iterative approach takes into account your needs and the capability of your current systems and team so we can deliver a future-forward strategy for success. 

Next, we collaborate with you to develop the custom software or app that will drive interaction and create a personal, curated experience. Then we turn our plan into reality. We build and test to help ensure the solution is precise, powerful and performing.

How we help

UX and UI design

Our solution leverages user interviews, persona development and usability testing to help ensure your custom solution satisfies everyone and works within your current systems.

Mobile app development

We use research to create an app that puts your users at the forefront. Whether it’s boosting sales with customers or streamlining workflows on the back end, we can help you elevate your offering.

Mobile responsive website

Users want a mobile experience with all the functionality of the desktop version. Craft an online platform that integrates internal or external data to drive decision-making.

Wearables and IoT

Connect the digital and physical world by using data to build and enhance experiences through high-powered tech products, from wearables to the Internet of Things.

Voice apps

Our proficiency in human-centered design and user experience helps you produce an advanced voice app that delivers an incredibly personal experience.

Modernized systems

Elevate your user experience by modernizing your legacy systems or building new systems and products.

Case study
Our custom solution helped SharpLogixx become No. 1 in the market.
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Our perspective drives growth

For more than 90 years, Wipfli has used our unique perspective to deliver practical yet transformational solutions to our clients. Our integrated approach helps mitigate risk, optimize performance and accelerate growth.