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There comes a point when Excel spreadsheets just can’t cut it any longer.

Having grown from a family organization to a global nonprofit, Operation Smile was in a need of a better way to track their 6,000+ volunteers. For an organization that provides cleft surgery to children in resource-limited areas, using their volunteers effectively is critical to achieving their mission.

But a volunteer management system (VMS) wasn’t something Operation Smile could just buy off the shelf. So they partnered with Wipfli to develop the technology using Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM). Through the CDM, Microsoft and Wipfli are helping other nonprofits around the world propel themselves forward to better achieve their missions.

Now, Operation Smile has a VMS built just for their needs, connecting their teams across the globe and delivering a consistent way to view, manage and utilize thousands of volunteers. And there’s room to scale.

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Ryan E. Risley, CIO, Principal