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Milestone Inc.

Digital solutions to match the mission

Milestone’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was antiquated and expensive to keep running. Data went in but was impossible to get out. Lack of visibility was a major issue for a nonprofit with dozens of facilities and residents to manage.

The Challenge

Milestone was using an outdated ERP system to manage a network of residential facilities for people with disabilities, plus a daycare, training center and clinic. Staff had to create spreadsheets and rekey data to assemble reports and analyze data. The system was time-consuming and expensive to manage. Even after extensive modifications, it wasn’t keeping up with the nonprofit’s needs.

The Solution

Milestone chose NetSuite as its new ERP and enlisted Wipfli to customize and implement the solution. Wipfli created custom scripting to help Milestone track and report on the individual finances of each resident and roll the numbers up into a larger organizational account. Wipfli was also on-site to support data migration, staff training and the launch.

Wipfli was generous with their time, putting in extra hours to help us get up and running with a system that meets our unique needs.
Lisa Munson, Chief Financial Officer at Milestone

The results

Now Milestone can manage accounting, fundraising and customer relationship management with one nonprofit-focused tool. Milestone’s financials are fully integrated and easy to access, without manual intervention or duplicate data entry. Reconciliation and financial closing are faster and more accurate, so the organization can focus on its mission with efficiency.