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Jones Sign Company
Brian Hogeland, VP Finance and Administration

“Wipfli took an extremely daunting task and a complicated set of requirements and made the project achievable. Using their approach, we made steady progress, armed with data and clarity. Thanks to Wipfli’s guidance, we found a solution that’s going to fit our current business and future evolution.” 


Jones Sign was ready to select a new manufacturing and project management system that would unite its North American operations into one integrated platform. Wipfli’s software selection team guided Jones Sign through requirements, due diligence and demonstrations to find a high-performance solution that met the business’s multifaceted needs. 


Jones Sign operates more than a dozen North American locations, including over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space in the U.S. and Mexico. Continued growth was driving demand for a more real-time and unified view of enterprise data. 

A complex organization with lots of moving parts, Jones Sign was looking for a system that could manage manufacturing and scheduling across seven plants, installation, detailed job costing, estimating and complex project management tasks.  

Key goals:

  • Eliminate information silos
  • Streamline workflows
  • Enable a culture of continuous, real-time analysis


Wipfli interviewed a broad group of internal stakeholders to understand their business processes and the key issues occurring in their current software environment. Then the team created a robust RFP that not only outlined system requirements but also vetted the vendor’s business acumen to manage a smooth, efficient and effective implementation.

Next, Wipfli performed due diligence and identified a potential provider list that included industry-leading ERP solutions as well as highly regarded niche project management tools.

The team represented Jones Sign through the RFP process, scoring and evaluating each proposal by identified priority areas. Using objective, data-driven metrics, Wipfli assisted leaders in determining which vendors to move forward for demonstration. 

Working with the final candidates, the team then facilitated demos according to a consistent, defined demonstration script. Decision-makers saw each system in action, viewing the key processes they needed to make an informed, confident decision. 


Using the new system, Jones Sign will gain a truly integrated ERP that works across all core functions of its business. The system will eliminate manual data integration — reducing errors and freeing staff time for more value-added work. Most importantly, leadership will now have the aggregated data they need to understand their overall business position and make timely decisions. 

Client profile

Since 1910, Jones Sign Company has provided design, manufacturing and installation of signage, lighting and architectural elements. With multiple locations across North America, it handles large-scale rebranding, ongoing sign programs and large venue projects such as stadiums, shopping malls and campuses.


Relationship Executive(s)

Brett Polglaze, Principal