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Senior Community Services

Breaking down barriers to care

databases consolidated into one comprehensive view

Senior Community Services (SCS) used technology to help aging adults and their caregivers — but still relied on antiquated systems to manage internal processes. The agency selected Oracle NetSuite to replace multiple databases and combine them into one, comprehensive view of clients.

The Challenge

SCS relied on multiple databases to administer its programs. To create reports, staff had to search through multiple databases and then manually piece information together. Inefficiency and lack of insight made it impossible for SCS to expand. And the agency’s tools were either too old or bespoke to integrate.

The Solution

SCS selected NetSuite to replace its databases and improve day-to-day operations. It partnered with Wipfli to plan the implementation, customize the software and manage change across the organization. To tailor the solution, Wipfli interviewed users to capture their needs. Then, Wipfli created dashboards for each SCS program and for each user based on their role.

Wipfli did a lot of customization for us and really went the extra mile. They wanted to make sure we were going to be successful.
Deb Taylor, CEO at Senior Community Services

The results

SCS went from operating six antiquated databases to one web-based platform. Now that SCS can see all the services it provides to a single client, care is integrated, and internal processes are more efficient. NetSuite broke down silos between SCS’s programs and helped the agency expand into more Minnesota counties.