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Senior Community Services
Deb Taylor, Chief Executive Officer
"What drew us to Wipfli is their reputation. Wipfli is a learning organization, and we knew it would be a learning process implementing NetSuite so that it could do everything we needed it to. Wipfli did a lot of customization for us and really went the extra mile. They wanted to make sure we were going to be successful.”


Senior Community Services (SCS) is a Minnesota-based organization with a mission to develop, coordinate and provide services that help meet the needs of older adults and support their caregivers.


SCS has always looked at technology as a way to improve the lives of its clients, as well as how it is able to serve them. But there was a disconnect between the technology it was leveraging with clients and the technology it was using internally — specifically, a variety of antiquated databases. Its HOME program alone had three separate databases, none of which could be combined because of the age and uniqueness of the systems. This made pulling reports a very time-consuming process that required searching through multiple databases, pulling out information and then manually putting together the report.

These databases also made expanding SCS’s programs impossible. In order to remain competitive, SCS decided to replace its databases with NetSuite. However, moving forward meant choosing an implementation partner — and that’s where Wipfli came in.


Because of how SCS desired NetSuite to improve its day-to-day operations (aside from simply pulling reports), implementing the tool was a more complex process than initially expected. To make NetSuite a truly valuable solution for SCS, Wipfli customized dashboards for each of SCS’s programs, as well as for each user based on their role.

SCS and Wipfli also took a shared approach rather than a top-down approach to implementation and change management. In building out NetSuite, they asked for input from the users who would be leveraging NetSuite daily so that it would truly reflect their needs. And to combat the common frustration of learning something new, they communicated thoroughly with SCS employees on why the technology change was happening and how it would benefit them overall, as well as how there would be plenty of support available to help them through the process.


SCS went from operating off six databases to bringing everything onto one integrated, web-based platform — which not only broke down the silos between individual program operations but also will help them expand into more Minnesota counties.

SCS also now has the enhanced ability to see who it’s serving, as before it didn’t know if it was serving the same client across multiple programs. This has helped create a more integrated approach to serving clients.

Overall, NetSuite has received rave reviews from program and accounting staff alike, who are enjoying its effectiveness and how much time it’s already saved them. And to top it off, to celebrate the go-live and everyone’s contributions, SCS staff hosted a surprise launch party — complete with that chocolate fountain they’d always talked about getting!