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30 tips in 30 days e-book

How are you keeping up with changing cyber trends?

During the month of October, Wipfli shared 30 cybersecurity tips in 30 days. For over five years, the firm has put together this annual list of 30 best practices — each year’s tips reflecting the evolving cyber needs and challenges of businesses as they navigate a digital world. Cyberattack methods have changed, data breach costs have risen and cyber insurance requirements have tightened.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever, and businesses are starting to catch up. Accordingly, this year’s 30 tips in 30 days offered a mix of basic, moderate and advanced cybersecurity best practices. No matter where your organization’s information security program is in its maturity, you can benefit from these tips. Now, we’ve collected all 30 in one e-book.

Download our e-book to learn everything from who cybercriminals are targeting, to what methods they’re using and how you can help protect your business.

30 tips in 30 days e-book