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Senior HR Forum for Nonprofits

4/15/2021 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM (CT)

Type: Live Webinar

Industry: Nonprofits

Service: Consulting, Talent and Change

Cost: $1330

Seats Remaining: 2

Event Contact:

Name: Kristina Bung-Riddle

Phone: 715.843.7452

Email: KRiddle@wipfli.com

This forum will take place on the second Thursday of the month starting on January 14, 2021, through September. A webcam is recommended to get the most from this training experience, but not required. Registering once will ensure registration for all sessions.

Gain new skills, learn the latest HR best practices and expand your influence.

Now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to have a trusted peer group of HR professionals to confer with about emerging trends and challenges in our field. We saw so much change so fast in the first few months of the COVID-19 outbreak, and no doubt this will continue into 2021 — if not beyond.

Remote learning that doesn’t feel remote!

Wipfli has created a dynamic and interactive small-group HR forum specifically for nonprofits, constructed with a flexible agenda that allows us to shift or add topics as new issues surface.

The same people will participate in each forum session throughout the year, allowing individuals to develop powerful and lasting professional relationships and to engage in specific problem solving. Our facilitators will customize your forum to fit the needs of your group and emerging challenges.

Who should attend

This forum is appropriate for individuals who have participated in the foundational HR Forum or who have at least five years of experience in HR management.


These advanced topics explore high-level initiatives that will enhance your effectiveness and the role of HR in your organization. Some of the hot topics we’ll discuss include:

The New Normal: HR is performing a balancing act between protecting employees and ensuring your organization can operate sustainably. It is a constantly changing environment of health, financial, technical, legal and moral factors that influence our decision-making. We will address these interwoven influencers on corporate and personal workplace behaviors and tap into the wisdom of each group member to explore options and problem-solve dilemmas.

Compensation Planning and Pay Transparency: Compensation is always a critical HR topic even in the best of times. In highly uncertain times, it is even more important. Employees want to know their leaders have a plan (even if it’s not good news) and that it is communicated well. How much information you share, how you share it and WHY you share it is crucial. We will explore different levels and definitions of the pay transparency “journey,” address where your organization is on that path and what can be done to keep it moving forward.

Addressing Mental Health: Especially now, the uncharted stresses of the world and the workplace are impacting the mental health and coping strategies of our employees. We have invited mental health professionals to speak with our groups on resources available to businesses to identify and proactively address your concerns. 

Cybersecurity in Human Resources: COVID-19 opened the door to unscrupulous hackers looking to worm their way into your organization’s data. Particularly attractive is employee data that can be sold to identity thieves. As HR is the “keeper of the keys” to highly confidential employee information, one of Wipfli’s IT Risk Management consultants will walk you through actions you can take to protect your people and your data. 

Legal Update: Employment attorneys will address the group on the latest issues and areas of concern, including legal issues that may arise out of COVID-19.  

Space is limited and fills up quickly! Register now.